Stratos Consulting and its consultants have widespread experience in strategy development that works extremely effectively.

Strategy is about recognising and attacking opportunity; about creating and utilising advantage; about realising results. Stratos has a reputation for injecting new ideas into strategy formulation that deliver major benefits, including a $27 million profitability turnaround for a major agribusiness.

Our CEO was, earlier in his career, instrumental in a classic “Good to Great” corporate build, with an initial $21 million investment now sitting at $1.5 billion market capitalisation. To borrow a phrase oft used by an associate of ours, “the light bulb wasn’t invented by multiple improvements on the candle” – and often, it’s outside inputs that lead to the best strategies.

Some examples of many strategy assignments by Stratos and its consultants that produced strategy that just works, include:

CSIRO – Stratos conducted leading edge research and detailed analysis of the market opportunities for four new technologies being developed by the CSIRO in Mining, Energy, Wireless Data and Positioning Systems. We help bring ideas to market.
Asian Telco – A major International telco required a business case for the construction of a multi-billion dollars, 11 country, Pacific rim fibre network. Stratos was sub-contracted by Ovum to prepare the market analysis elements of the business case.
International Utility – Analysis of 15 world-wide utility companies about participation in the “Carrier’s carrier” telecommunications market and detailed telecommunications market report.

We don’t only do strategy, we teach it too. Ian Gatenby developed and presented the Institute of Chartered Accountant’s (recently recast as CA ANZ) Strategic Planning module to 265 CEOs / Finance professionals.
We have many, many more examples where our consultants have delivered strategy solutions that work for clients. It’s what we excel at. To discuss your needs for strategy development or analysis, email Ian now…