A Strategic Framework Model for Crown Lands NSW Ports

NSW Department of Industry engaged Stratos Consulting to provide Crown Lands NSW with a strategic framework model for NSW ports. This model will allow Crown Lands to take the overarching Departmental vision and create specific, achievable goals.
Stratos Consulting has developed a strategic framework tool – the Ports Enterprise Matrix – as a means for Crown Lands to visualise the most important elements of the NSW coastal portfolio and follow a logical path towards creating new strategy across a diverse portfolio of assets. The key elements of the matrix include; various business segments within the organisation, strengths and weaknesses of each segment, key user expectations for the infrastructure and services, strategic goals and challenges, and the major stakeholders involved in these segments.

Stratos Consulting also provided a Strategic Framework Report as a complementary piece to remove any ambiguity from a unique tool like the enterprise matrix. This report provides references to all the elements of the enterprise matrix as well as advice on how to progress with both high-level strategy development and the assessment of port infrastructure at a lower-level.