The wide breadth of experience of Stratos’ consultants and directors provides an ideal basis for the development of new thinking in an organisation. We see both the incremental and large step leaps that can be applied, with our experience being drawn from assignments in multiple industries, agencies and across the globe. Far too few organisations take on board the ideas that emerge in other industries.

Stratos Consulting, in conjunction with the University of NSW School of Marketing surveyed CEOs responsible for nearly two fifths of Australia’s GDP and 25% of the workforce in Australia’s top 1,000 organisations. The responses raise many substantial concerns which must not only be addressed by the individual organisations, but also by corporate Australia.

The very high levels of reported dissatisfaction by CEOs with the performance of their three most important marketing functions (pricing, new product development and customer satisfaction monitoring) appears to evidence dysfunctional marketing value chains. These are all critical areas that benefit most from applying experience in other industries and markets.

Customers don’t just deal in one industry – their interactions with a wide range of goods and service providers mean that any supplier’s actions are judged against a constantly moving target. Industries must look wider than their own boundaries if they are to survive.

It was Einstein who said:

“You can’t solve a problem from the same mode of thinking that created the problem in the first place.”