Stratos and its consultants have a history of developing innovative solutions that succeed. This has brought clients back to Stratos repeatedly to develop new projects and business ideas and to take advantage of innovative ideas. Our innovations succeed. Intuitive and innovative right brain thinking isn’t of any use on its own, it needs to be balanced with a rational left brain management science processes.

Below are just a few examples of assignments for clients who have benefitted from such innovation. So, whether it’s accelerating infrastructure development, penetrating a new market, or even reviewing overall service delivery, let us talk to you about how consultant-driven innovation can help your business or agency:

NSW Education – with many dozens of Economic Appraisals, Value Management Studies, Risk Assessments, analyses of new technologies through to development of a thermal comfort business case and facilitating the development of the C21 Education Model around a senior college concept. Our Business Cases developed for NSW Education have been stunning successes and showcase innovation in the education sector.

Victoria Police Force – faced with growing media and community concern over operational issues, Victoria Police commissioned a Customer Service Strategy that was developed and implemented by Ian Gatenby and Gary Garner. A follow-on assignment on managing police performance saw Ian and Gary leading a team of 15 professionals and developing world’s best practice performance management tools and techniques in policing.  Innovation that has had a major impact on the state.

UNIDO / EU – Ian developed an innovative financial incentives scheme for application in third world countries to assist the financing of locally-owned businesses. This innovation broke new ground in the provision of funding to SME businesses in Papua New Guinea. Stratos Consulting has gone on to assist growing enterprises in countries that include Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, with additional pro bono work in Myanmar and Laos.

We have hundreds more examples where our consultants have delivered innovative solutions for clients. It’s what we excel at.

To discuss your needs for an injection of innovative thought, email Ian now…